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Orange Angel has been an independent organization, since 2005, aimed at improving the living conditions of the poorest, especially women and children. We are strong in the power of collaboration with local and small-scale organizations. We proactively select projects based on our own research. This working method enables us to use our knowledge and experience to make specific projects a success. So our help goes beyond money alone. We guide these organizations and help them make their activities even more effective in the long term.

Orange Angel is a small private organization that works completely selflessly and operates very result-oriented - without intermediaries or agencies. We want to be absolutely sure that nothing gets stuck on a bow and that is why we keep everything in our own hands as much as possible. Orange Angel also works together with a number of selected ANBI's, including Street Children for Nepal and Microcredit for Mothers.

Orange Angel is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) recognized and approved by the Tax Authorities. This means that your donation to us falls under tax-deductible donations.

For the Orange Angel Foundation, success means that we support approximately 275 people per year. We have consciously opted for regions where people lack opportunities to further develop themselves socially and financially and where they cannot fall back on a social safety net.


Orange Angel focuses in particular on small-scale, effective projects in Sri Lanka and Nepal to help the very poorest to provide for their own livelihood. Our main three pillars are: building houses for slum dwellers, financing training and providing micro-credits to small, motivated entrepreneurs. There are some examples on this page ... and more on "Projects" page.


In Nepal we have our own professional sewing training school for very disadvantaged women, who can independently provide for themselves with their diploma.

In Sri Lanka we sponsor the school education of 100 children.


Orange Angel provides micro-credits to small, independent and motivated entrepreneurs in order to be able to generate their own income. The applications are studied by us and by local people for feasibility and loans range from 300-500 euros, which can be repaid in a period of 2 years (or earlier).


Many people live in harsh, inhumane conditions, often in shacks made of cardboard. Orange Angel builds at least 2 houses per year, with water and electricity. A total of 66 houses have been realized.


In the capital of Nepal, 91 street children - in the age group of 3 to 18 years old - are lovingly cared for and cared for in a good shelter for which Orange Angel pays the annual rent.

"Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you're put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling."

- Vincent van Gogh


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In recent years we have realized many projects in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Our focus is now on Nepal. However, we are open to other initiatives from other parts of the world as long as they are in line with our working method and objectives.

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