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From no future ... To independent

Sewing project Nepal.

In 2010 All Angels Nepal started with various

sewing projects in the remote area of ​​Chitwan for very disadvantaged women. Due to the success of these projects, more sewing courses were set up and Orange Angel decided to support these projects.

On December 1, 2013, Orange Angel started a sewing project (sewing training center) with All Angels Nepal in Lalitpur, a suburb of Kathmandu. A building has been rented here and furnished as a studio, where 32 underprivileged women are trained for 6 months to make clothes, so that they can then get to work themselves.

Most of these women are really living in a hopeless situation. Hopeless circumstances, no means of feeding the children, no hope whatsoever. Orange Angel is trying to do something about this together with All Angels Nepal (the local organization). By giving these women hope and respect again and the prospect of a better future.

After the training, the women receive a diploma / certificate with which they can try to find a job.

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