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We are a small, passionate team committed to improving the living conditions of the poorest.

How we work


We build and maintain the bridge between donor and implementers: Connection with otherwise unattainable goals


Through regular contact, visits, we ensure effective and direct involvement.


Improvement doesn't have to cost much; the way, and control of the provision of money makes all the difference. We can do a lot with little


Administration, control and accounting are performed very professionally at local and central locations. According to ANBI rules.


Jos Neijenhuis, founder of the Foundation: "As director and founder of FOX Holidays (now of ANWB) I was closely involved in the relief work of the devastating Tsunami in Sri Lanka in 2005-2006, then one of our holiday destinations. Not a house remained intact. "

"After crying out for help from our friends in Sri Lanka, we started an action with FOX to raise money for the poverty-stricken families on the coast, who had lost everything due to the devastating waves. Because most of the victims had fallen among the poor fishermen. We build fishing boats as quickly as possible so that at least fishing could be done again. It became a very personal action, because whoever donated 1000 euros could have a fishing boat built including the fishing nets for that amount. Each boat was provided with a Dutch flag with the name from the donor, who received a certificate with a photo of the family and the boat.Our approach was to have the boats built and delivered without intermediaries and all kinds of unnecessary agencies, so that every cent went well.

The campaign was a huge success. We were able to build more than 700 boats and make entire villages happy. During our 'boat project' I often came to Sri Lanka. For example, the village of Kosgoda, just south of the capital Colombo, came into contact with one of the worst affected areas. The people here had lost almost everything and sat apathetically in self-made huts and shacks. I gave them some courage by saying that major relief efforts had started in the world and that their hopeless situation would soon change. Back in the Netherlands, a few months later I received a call from the monk of the village, Kassapa, who told me that nothing at all had happened except for some fresh drinking water and some rice.

The situation was simply untenable. Three days after that phone call, I caught a plane and went back to Sri Lanka to have a look for myself. Indeed, nothing had changed, despite all the millions that had been donated at the time. A few days later I started myself, just with a local contractor. Started building 4 houses for broken families. In a few years, it eventually became 62 houses, giving approximately 250 people a good shelter. In 2009 a workshop / art school was also built in the village to give very disadvantaged young people from the area the opportunity to develop their talents. We focused on ceramics and painting. It was great to see how much talent was there. 100% of the proceeds went to the Foundation and the community of the village.

Once you start, you won't stop. There is so much to do. It is impossible to give everyone a decent home. That is why I continued with an effective small-scale project: building chicken coops for poor families, so that they can still earn a little with the proceeds from the eggs. There are now dozens of chicken coops.

In Nepal, Orange Angel works together with the Angel Nepal Foundation, which performs small miracles there with very limited resources thanks to the efforts of Angelique van Hoof. Together with her we have set up sewing projects in the remote and 'forgotten' area of ​​Chitwan, so that women can make their own clothes. Furthermore, another unique project has been set up for widows in the area. When a woman becomes a widow, the income often disappears and she is all alone. We give her a goat or piglet, which she can take care of and fatten up, so that after 10 months she can sell it on the market and live on the money and buy a little piglet or goat again. "


Jos Neijenhuis

in 2005 I founded the Orange Angel Foundation in response to the devastating Tsunami. At the time, I was co-owner of FOX Holidays and set up a major relief campaign for Sri Lanka, where our customers donated enough money to have 700 fishing boats made. After that I continued building houses for the poorest and never stopped, simply because it makes me happy that I have been able to actually mean something to these people.


Frank Wade

From my own perspective of developing major infrastructure projects such as air and sea ports and cargo facilities, I know that there are often families who are unable to participate in larger economic activities. Orange Angel directly helps these people by supporting development for their own economic independence. I believe both perspectives are important and I get the opportunity to participate through Orange Angel. Delivering a house or a chicken coop gives a family hope and a foundation for the future.


Walter van Kleef

In 2012 I was asked by Jos Neijenhuis to be a member of the board. Because of my position as Commissioner of the Gelderland Police, I can supplement the board with my experience in public administration, among other things. I think it is honorable and beautiful to be able to mean something in this way for the people in the Third World who live in absolute poverty. Because Orange Angel's projects are small-scale and guided by our own people, the money from the foundation always ends up with the people who really need it!


Fred Snelderwaard

I can fulfill the honorable position of Treasurer in the board of the foundation. Born in 1964 and in daily life I am a tax specialist and entrepreneur (co-owner of an accountants / tax consultancy firm). Proud father of 2 sons.


I find it a great inspiration to be involved with the Orange Angel Foundation.


The passion with which the founders / the executive board does their work is unprecedented. They make a difference in the daily lives of many people who have so much less. So an honor to be involved in that.

Olha Elaa Logo small.jpeg

Team in Brazil

Olha Elaa together with  Água Doce

has conducted two successful programmes which lead to a third co-operation with the Genesis incubation centre and FAPERJ institute for technology.  Starting with workshops in home maintenance (painting,
plumbing and electrical maintenance), and continuing with financial education, digital marketing and corporate facilitation.

Using educational and commercial skills
strategies for the entrepreneurial education of women with little formal education, but who
already run little businesses out of necessity. This provided, more than just technical training: The 
courses innovate by providing comprehensive training associating technique with building socio-emotional skills and fostering community bonds. This improved not only  lives, but the quality of life in the community...


Team in Kathmandu

All Angels Nepal (AAN) is een non-profit, organisatie opgericht om vrouwen en jongeren te machtigen. AAN werkt op het gebied van empowerment van vrouwen, onderwijs, gezondheid en hygiëne, milieu, landbouw, hernieuwbare energie en ICT. De missie is om vrouwen mondiger te maken door verschillende bekwame trainingen te geven en om het publiek bewust te maken van discriminatie op grond van geslacht, uitbuiting van vrouwen en verschillende programma's op dezelfde gebieden te mobiliseren.

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