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2021 - January - May

The whole world is in the grip of Covid-19 and unfortunately we have had to decide to stop sewing training in Nepal for the time being.

Our help with the provision of micro-credits continues.

Our activities in Brazil in collaboration with Agua Doce and Olha Elhaa will continue. Recently, some thirty underprivileged women have successfully completed their plumbing, stucco or jewelry making course

For 2021, Orange Angel is looking for a number of new projects that fall within the objectives of the Foundation.


Due to Covid-19 we have unfortunately been forced to temporarily stop a number of projects.

] Nepal also went into a long lock-down and we also had to stop the sewing training. The salaries of the staff have been paid by Orange Angel, as well as the rent and the fixed costs.

The repayments on the outstanding micro-credits have been suspended for as long as the lock down lasts and will be resumed when normal life has returned.

In Brazil, Orange Angel has started a project not far from Rio de Janeiro, where we have developed a program for underprivileged women in collaboration with the organizations Agua Doce (Sweet Water) and Olha Eela. Training courses are given that are aimed at self-reliance, in particular vocational training courses such as plumbing, stucco construction and jewelry making.

Completion of projects Sri Lanka I.

The projects in Sri Lanka were almost completed in 2018. It became the last house
built and the last micro-credits have been repaid. Partly because of the decision
from Ron and Yvonne Wilke - our valuable contact persons on the spot - afterwards
many years of effort to slow down, Orange Angel has
decided to also phase out its activities in Sri Lanka and continue
to focus on Nepal.

Sewing tricks

The sewing training is going very well. We have a fantastic organization on site that coordinates everything and reports excellently. Many ladies have graduated and a large number of them have also taken the follow-up course on electric sewing machines.

Own business

Most of the ladies have bought a sewing machine themselves after their training and bought fabrics with the help of our micro-credits and work from home. Some have also found jobs.

Try-out external training

In addition to our own training courses, we started an external one on 20 July
training company, F-Skills in Kathmandu. Depending on our experiences with 20
ladies who follow the basic course we will see during this try-out whether we
perhaps be able to work with more students at a lower cost.

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